Ad Vermin’s Tricky Points

How should the title be?
One of the most effective weapons of the ad.

The more accurate and descriptive the title of the ad, the easier it is to find it. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo first search for ad headlines when searching. Buyers usually specify the most prominent features of the search they seek on search engines.

For example: if you search for "3 + 1 rental apartments", the announcements that these words pass in the title of the announcement will be placed in the first place

How effective is photography in Iceland?
Regardless of the product sold, the visual impact is always on the forefront.

The first thing that attracts attention of the buyer who reaches the ad detail page is the photo. For this reason, the quality of the product sold: it is not a representation of the product from various angles, but the photograph of the real product is an important element in attracting the buyer. If care is taken, the probability of sales will increase.

Should I choose the ad criteria?
Correct entry of the advertisement criteria when preparing the ad for publication will direct the buyers using the "Detailed Search" tool to the correct destination.

For this reason, unauthorized entry of criteria will mislead buyers.

In such cases, users are on Bad Ad Notice. In order not to cause this, it is very important to enter the information correctly.

How should the advertisement be explained?
You can enter the information in the "Description" section which is not included in the criteria of the advertisement, but which you consider important to the product being sold.

Remember that visual perception is very important!

It is important that you specify the points you want to emphasize with the text formatting tool, rather than typing standard points and characters in succession.

For example: you can use different colors, you can change the sizes of the titles. With a variety of small arrangements like this, you can affect receivers more.

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